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"Ratsbeer" was founded  by Dick Attlee in 1988 as the result of there not being any independent provision in the North-East for the installion and maintenance of real ale cellar equipment, lines and hand pumps.

As a result of this lack of available services, and with already having many years of experience in the trade, Dick set up Real Ale Technical Services to fill that huge gap, and to provide a valuable service to the free houses and their licencees.

The business became universally known as 'RATS', and is now in great demand throughout the North-East with customers varying from the very small pub owner to large companies owning a number of establishments of varying sizes.

Our service area ranges from the Scottish Borders to the southern part of County Durham

There have recently been rumours that Real Ale Technical Services is to cease trading. This is totally untrue! Dick has only retired from working behind the bar at the Wheatsheaf in Felling!













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