Training your staff      

We are now able to offer CellarCraft training to you and your staff, giving them the opportunity to learn about how beers are brewed, stored and transported, conditioned, spiled, tapped and then delivered to your grateful customers.

During our training courses, your staff will learn how to take the mystique out of the beer delivery process, how all the different bits and pieces work and what they actually do, and they will become a more knowledgeable asset to your premises, be able to reduce your ullage and maximise your profits!

Our courses aim to enhance your reputation and increase your 'satisfied customer' base, and therefore increase your profitability.

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 Comments about the course include, “I have been a cellarman for over 30 years, and have learned so much from your course. Thank you, I recommend it!”  “Thank you, a very enjoyable course, well      delivered.” and “I didn’t know how much I didn’t know about looking after Real Ales!”. One barmaid said that it had given her a far better insight into Real Ales, and that she could now discuss the merits of each ale with the customers. "... And I have also learned how to pull the 'Perfect Pint'."











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